Friends Don't Lie

Friends Don't Lie


My name is Isabella Butterworth. Your name is Isabella Butterworth.

We’re around the same age. We live in the same town.

But your life is more exciting than mine, isn’t it? Richer, dramatic, more fulfilling.

Imagine if I’d never found out about you…

But I have. Because someone mistook me for you.

And now I can’t stop thinking about you because I know you’re in trouble. You need my help.

And I need a way to get to know you.

To save you.

To be you…

Our Review

I loved Nell Pattison's previous book Hide so there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to read an advance read copy of Friends Don't Lie. 

Friend's Don't Lie was a slippery read, twisty and just when you think you have grasped where it is heading that is when a twist comes and sucker punches you. 

Isobella Butterworth lives alone in Lincoln, she works from home and has no close friends until one day Isobella discovers that there is another woman in the city with the same name. The woman may be in danger and Isobella decides to warn her. She doesn't feel like she can just do it out of the blue though so she decides to lean as much as she can about the other Isobella by becoming her friend. 

Bella's life seems perfect to Isobella but we soon learn that appearances can be deceptive. 

"The other Isobella is beautiful, not in a carefully posed Instagram sort of way but with an effortless, natural grace that makes me feel like a baby elephant in comparison."

There were so many things about this book that were creepy, one of the main things that added to my sense of unease was the choice of location: Lincoln. The city I live in. It was so weird to read a book and see the names of places I know so well: Brayford Wharf, Steep Hill and The Barge. 

"Our conversation drifts to the local area, and the parts of it we love and hate. Lincoln is a beautiful city, and we have a lot of cultural opportunities as well as good restaurants, but attempting to park anywhere can be a nightmare. Busy times of year, like when the Christmas Markets are on, are also frustrating. We compare tales of entitled tourists and laugh together, which is nice." 

I thought I knew where Friends Don't Lie was heading but I was so wrong.Too many thrillers are predictable but this one is most certainly not.

This book will get your heart going faster than a run up Steep Hill!


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