The Penelopiad

The Penelopiad


Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781786892485
Themes: Mythology Feminism inequality


In 'The Odyssey' the story of Odysseus’ return home after twenty years is told. His story tells of heroic deeds and sex with goddesses. He is well known for his wit and his wily ways.

Penelope is ‘portrayed as the quintessential faithful wife’ but also as intelligent. She successfully tricks her suitors into waiting for her to make a decision on her new husband but doesn’t actually make one as she is waiting for her husband to return.

'The Odyssey' closes with the slaughter of her suitors and with her son killing the twelve maids who were sleeping with the twelve suitors.

'The Penelopiad' shows a different side to Penelope than the one who was portrayed in 'The Odyssey', it gives her a voice where she didn’t previously have one.

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