Fireborn Starling and the Cavern of Light

Fireborn Starling and the Cavern of Light


Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2024 - 03 - 28
Themes: young adult Supernatural Witchcraft Fantasy Friendship


The Master stepped closer and the pressure around Phoenix grew vicelike. Despair raged through her. How had she thought she could save everyone, when she couldn’t even save herself?

Following the shocking battle at Icegaard, Phoenix and her friends gather with the Hunters, desperate to unite the warring clans before their enemy, the Master, attacks Ember.

The Cavern of Light may offer hope in the form of a legendary weapon, but it lies deep in goblin territory, in the terrifying dark zone of the underground caves. The friends must brave the unknown, facing new and deadly creatures in search of a way to save their world.

As an epic final showdown draws near, Phoenix struggles to protect her friends, determined not to lose anyone else she loves. But the Master is crueller and more powerful than she ever imagined and as Phoenix’s past and present collide, unthinkable sacrifices will have to be made to defeat him.

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