Middle of the Night

Middle of the Night


Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: 2024 - 07 - 02
ISBN: 9781399712392
Themes: crime suspense Supernatural Friendship


On July 15, 1994, ten-year-old Ethan and his best friend Billy fell asleep together in their quiet New Jersey cul de sac.

In the morning, Ethan woke up alone. The tent was sliced open, and Billy was gone, taken. He was never seen again.

Thirty years later, Ethan has returned to Hemlock Circle, still desperate for answers.

Who took Billy?

Plagued by bad dreams and insomnia, he begins to notice strange things happening on the street under the cover of darkness. Someone is prowling the cul de sac when no one is awake to see them.

Are they still out there?

This isn't a bad neighbourhood. These aren't bad people.

What if they are?

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