Best UK Book Boxes

Best UK Book Boxes

Any dedicated UK bookworm will tell you that the most well-known book subscriptions hail from the US. However, we have spent the past few weeks looking for the best UK book boxes, we have even tried some for ourselves!


The Book Fairy Box

By The Book Fairies

I have tried this bi-monthly box a few times and it is probably my favourite so far. It includes at least one book and a whole host of book goodies but also a few special things. There are normally a few things you need to be a book fairy yourself (if you don't know what a book fairy is take a look at their website.) Additionally, book fairies are dedicated to being environmentally friendly and there is usually something along these lines in the box. 

The shop is worth checking out too as they do bundles from past boxes at around £10 and also individual items are for sale as well as the book fairy stickers.

O and don't forget to check out their special mothers day box! 

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The Book Fairy Box £30 +

Book: The Book Fairy Box

Books That Matter Book Subscription

By Books That Matter

Books That Matter subscription is described a feminist subscription service whose aim is to enlighten, educate and empower. This box contains a book and at least three themed gifts

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Books That Matter £17

Book: Books That Matter Book Subscription

Mr B's Book Subscription

By Mr B's Book Emporium

Mr B's Subscription is a book only service where the books are handpicked for you based on a questionnaire you fill out. The books are available on a 3 book, 6 book or 11 book basis. You can also get mystery books available by genre on a one off basis. 

I haven't tried this one yet but I want to give it a go sometime this year. 

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Mr B's Book Subscription £45

Book: Mr B's Book Subscription

Bindful Book Subscription Service

By Bindful Books

This Book subscription service contains a secondhand book from a genre of your choice and tea, coffee or hot chocolate as well as a bookmark and snackThey also have a wide variety of literary goods available in the shop. Their Avid Reader Box sounds particularly good. Also, for every 15 teabags sold a hot brew is purchased for a homeless person. 

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Bindful Books £5.99+

Book: Bindful Book Subscription Service

The Book Taster Subscription

By The Book Taster

This reasonably priced book subscription includes a book, wooden bookmark, soap bar or shaving tin, chocolate and tea bags. There are a number of different themes to the boxes and each one sounds very appealing. I haven't tried it yet but I really want to. 

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The Book Taster Subscription £25

Book: The Book Taster Subscription

Book Hooked Box

By Book Hooked

Items in the box are around the theme of the book and the boxes are described as being reasonably priced and good value for money. Previous boxes have included candles, food items and drinks. I haven't tried one myself but would if it was the right theme. 

Unfortunately the price wasn't available when I checked the website. 

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Book Hooked Box

Book: Book Hooked Box

Storybook Subscription

By Books & Pieces

This subscription box is aimed at children and contains three books. There are a number of different subscription types for a variety of ages. This is another one I haven't sampled but may do in the future. 

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Storybook Subscription £14.99

Book: Storybook Subscription

And Other Stories

By And Other Stories Publishing

This book only subscription is available on a one-off, two, four or six book basis. Other Stories Publishing are a non-profit publishing company who use the book subscriptions pay for new books and you can be thanked by name in the books. 


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Other Stories Publishing Subscription £24+

Book: And Other Stories

Book Box Club Subscription

By Book Box Club

This box features a book and a host of unique themed surprises every month and an invitation to join their book club. A variety of subscription options are available. I haven't tried it yet but I have seen pictures and I can't wait to give it a go.

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Book Box Club £28.99

Book: Book Box Club Subscription

Ninja Book Box Subscription

By Ninja Book Box

This subscription service contains a book box and small business made gifts. The boxes are vegan and eco friendly which is appealing in itself. 

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Ninja Book Box £17

Book: Ninja Book Box Subscription

How Novel Book Subscription

By How Novel

This is one of the subscription boxes I am most tempted by. You choose from 5 mystery books a month and receive your choice along with a unique bookmark and a pen pal. Each box comes wrapped in a beautiful gift box. 


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How Novel £9.99

Book: How Novel Book Subscription

Reposed Book Subscription

By We Are Reposed

This one of the boxes I have tried and loved. I received a beautifully packaged book,some stunning postcards, a fruity tea bag and some delicious sweets. I will definitely order again, Great value for money! 

For more info on what I received in my order check out my Instagram account. 



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Reposed Book Subscription £12.80 +

Book: Reposed Book Subscription

Love My Read Subscription

By Love My Read

With this subscription you get to choose from 6 new books and you get get 3, 6 or 12 books monthly depending on your subscription. You also get a magazine and special treats and a book gets donated to a UK school. 

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Love My Read £45+

Book: Love My Read Subscription

Book & Tea Box Subscription

By Book & Tea Box

A themed box with a preloved book, tea and biscuits. I haven't tried this one for myself but I have heard good things.

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Book & Tea Box £17.50+

Book: Book & Tea Box Subscription

Bookishly Book Crate

By Bookishly

A Wordsworth Classic edition and themed goodies such as tea, art and stationary. This is another one I haven't tried but I have seen the books and they are stunning. They also have a great range of cards and mugs. 

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Bookishly Book Crate £35

Book: Bookishly Book Crate

Wild Woman Book Subscription

By Wild Woman

A non-fiction self-care book subscription box that comes with goodies. The subscription comes in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. 

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Wild Woman £28.50

Book: Wild Woman Book Subscription

The Travelling Reader Book Subscription

By The Travelling Reader £37.99 +

A monthly book subscription with a difference - each month is themed around a different area of Britain and where possible contains information local to the area. The box contains a book, bookmark, personalised postcard, food and drink local to the area and a gift related to the book or place. This is a brilliantly unique box and I look forward to trying it in the future. They also do boxes for children. 

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The Travelling Reader Book Subscription

Book: The Travelling Reader Book Subscription

Prudence And The Crow Vintage Book Subscription

By Prudence And The Crow

A vintage book subscription at a very reasonable price. You choose your favourite genre and receive a book, a book bag, library card and a few surprises. They also do a Lucky Dip book for £5

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Prudence and The Crow Book Subscription £17+

Book: Prudence And The Crow Vintage Book Subscription

Rare Birds Book Subscription

By Rare Birds

They say the aim of their book subscription is to make reading fun again. This book only subscription fits through your letter box and contains a book by a female author. You pick your book based on two summaries and then wait for it to arrive. 

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Rare Birds Book Subscription £14+

Book: Rare Birds Book Subscription

Date Night With A Book Subscription

By Date Night With A Book

This is one of the book subscriptions I have tried and it was great value for money. You tell them about your five favourite books and pick a genre and then they choose a book for you or you can choose the suprise me option (which is what I did.) You get a book, a tea, hot chocolate and a coaster. 

They also do a Book VS Movie subscription and a children's option among others. 

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Date Night With A Book £15.50 +

Book: Date Night With A Book Subscription

The Full Guts Package

By The Abominable Book Club

With this subscription you get a brand new horror or thriller book, a luxury snack, a second hand book, a featured magazine, a micro-fiction bookmark, an assortment of hot drinks and a few bonus surprises. This is another one I haven't yet tried. 

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The Abominable Book Club

Book: The Full Guts Package

Book Club Box Subscription

By Book Club Box

This subscription has a book, exclusive access to an online book club and a selection of goodies. Every book also comes with a signed book plate from the author. Individual books are also available from the shop. 

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Book Club Box £28.99

Book: Book Club Box Subscription

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