Don't Close Your Eyes

Don't Close Your Eyes


Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781782396727
Themes: Mental Health suspense realistic fiction tragedy Grief Family


Robin and Sarah are twin sisters who have grown apart and haven’t seen each other for a number of years.

Robin is agoraphobic and hasn’t left her house in years. She relies on a series of obsessive routines to keep her safe. When a stranger from her past comes knocking, and demands to be heard, Robin realises she is not as safe as she thought.

When we first meet Sarah she is reeling from the collapse of her world. Her husband read her a list of concerns he had about how she deals with their daughter Violet and know he has kicked her out and changed the locks. Sarah will do anything to get Violet back but in order to do that she needs to come up with a plan.

Through a series of flashbacks the reader gets to view the traumatic events of their childhood which made them into the women they are today. Don’t Close Your Eyes is a book that will keep you gripped until the final page.

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