Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone


Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781250170972
Themes: young adult Supernatural Mythology Friendship Magic


Orïsha was once a land full of magic and those who wielded it, known as the Maji. A land where ‘Burners’ had the ability to call forth and control flames, where ‘Tiders’ could manipulate the waves and ‘Reapers’ could summon the souls of those who had died.

For Zélie memories of those times are bitter sweet. On the one hand she can remember her mother whose face was like the sun and myths of the old Gods are woven into her childhood memories along with visions of her mother practicing the magic of a Reaper.

However, Zélie cannot think of her mother without thinking of the night the magic disappeared and they took her mother away.

Now there is a way to bring the magic back and Zélie may be the only one who can do it...but should she?

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