While You Sleep

While You Sleep


Publication Date:
ISBN: 9780008248222
Themes: thriller psychological suspense Supernatural Horror


Zoe Adams comes to a remote Scottish Island seeking a temporary reprieve from her failing marriage and hopefully a chance to focus on her career as a painter. Whilst there she is renting the McBride House, located on a remote corner of the island.

Zoe is amused when she hears stories of the house being haunted. A century earlier a young widow and son died in suspicious circumstances. She is less amused by the knowledge that a young boy went missing from near the house the previous year when visiting it for a dare.

Whilst in the house she can’t shake the feeling someone is watching her. She starts hearing someone singing in the house and keeps having vivid dreams, dreams from which she wakes up naked.

Is she being haunted or is there someone in the house with her?

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