Quick Introduction To Writing Flash Fiction

Quick Introduction To Writing Flash Fiction

This article contains a basic introduction to Flash Fiction for beginners.

Firstly, even though flash fiction is a compact writing form it still contains elements off the more traditional forms. It still needs a protagonist, conflict etc.

Like a short story these basic elements are mostly left unwritten and are simply implied.

Along the same sort of lines you need to remember that you still need the beginning middle and end of your story because if you omit one of these then there is little point to writing your story as noone will want to read it.

Limit your words. Remember this is a very short form of writing so don't waste your words. I am not saying make every word count but I am saying that you need to consider carefully the impact of your words. Don't include something unless it has some specific point that is going to improve the reader's reading experience.

Flash fiction should capture a brief and specific moment of time. It has to be intense and throw you right into the middle of the action. Capture your reader's attention from the start and keep it until the last sentence.

With this kind of writing the story is in the subtext. Make the reader read between the lines to create their own version of the story.

If you decide to go for a flash with a twist make sure you give the reader some clues throughout to help them understand why the twist occurred as otherwise you may leave them feeling cheated and unwilling to read any more of your work.

In terms of the style use short, sharp sentence with plenty of room for interpretation.

Finally, flash fictions is a relatively new form so experiment and most importantly of all have fun!

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