Books We Can't Wait to Read in June 2018

Books We Can't Wait to Read in June 2018

With so many books being published all the time it can sometimes be difficult to decide what book to read next and that is where we come in.We are here to help make that difficult decision much easier by sharing our choice of great upcoming books with you. Whether you are looking for a new book for your book club, or a holiday read, we have the book for you.


The Tall Man

By Phoebe Locke

Preface: A murder. A legend. A family haunted.

In 1990 three girls devote themselves to an ominous figure.

In 2000 a mother inexplicably disappears leaving behind her baby and husband.

and in 2018 a young girl is charged with murder.

Through each of the events The Tall Man is there.

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Book: The Tall Man
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Remind Me Again What Happened

By Joanna Luloff

Preface: Waking up in hospital Claire doesn't know how she got there or what landed her there. She is able to gleam some things from keepsakes her best friend Rachel and her husband Charlie have.

As her memories slowly return though she begins to wonder if she is missing something. Is Charlie still her husband? Is Rachel still her best friend?

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Book: Remind Me Again What Happened
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The Cabin at the End of the World

By Paul Tremblay

Preface: Seven year old Wen is on vacation in New Hampshire in a remote cabin with no neighbours nearby.

When a stranger appears on her drive Wen is instantly drawn to him but when three more strangers turn up with weapons Wen runs inside to warn her parents but not before the strangers tell her they need her help to save the world.

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Book: The Cabin at the End of the World
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Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession

By Alice Bolin

Preface: A collection of essays on an American cultures obsession with dead women and on a variety of subjects ranging from witches and werewolves to toxic masculinity.

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Book: Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession
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An Ocean of Minutes

By Thea Lim

Preface: It is the 1980's and Polly and Frank are a young couple in love. Then a deadly virus strikes and Polly is left caring for Frank. The only way to ensure he doesn't die is for Polly to travel into the future to 1993 in order to gain life saving treatment for him.

They arrange a meeting time and place but something goes awry and Polly is late. When she arrives she is alone and she must head out into the new world alone to try and find the man she loves.

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Book: An Ocean of Minutes
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Her Name Was Rose

By Claire Allan

Preface: When Emily witnesses a young mother get ploughed into by a car she doesn't realise quite what an impact it will have on her own life.

Rose had everything Emily could want: the perfect home, a loving husband and a baby. Not to mention a lovely home and brilliant job.

Emily finds herself wondering if she could take her place but is anyone's life as perfect as it seems?

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Book: Her Name Was Rose
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The President is Missing

By Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Preface: An unprecedented attack is being planned on America and fear is rife in Washington. Nobody is free from suspicion...including the president. Then he goes missing...

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Book: The President is Missing
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Us Against You

By Fredrik Backman

Preface: 'Us Against You' is the sequel to the brilliant 'Beartown.'

The small town is still reeling from an event that tore the isolated community in two. New conflicts begin to arise and the reader is left to wonder how far will one town go to protect it's reputation?

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Book: Us Against You
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The Death of Mrs Westaway

By Ruth Ware

Preface: Harriet Westaway is in dire need of some money when she receives a letter informing her of a substantial inheritance from her recently deceased grandmother. It seems like all her prayers have been answered.

The only problem is she knows her real grandparents died more than 20 years previously. She decides to take a chance and use all her skills as a con woman to convince people she was the intended recipient.

When she starts the deception little does she realise she can't stop after all if she does she risks everything including her life.

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Book: The Death of Mrs Westaway
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All That I Can Fix

By Crystal Chan

Preface: Romney is well-known in the small town of Makersville, not only is he from a mixed-race family but his sister is a genius, his mum likes to pop pills and his dad tried to kill himself.

When the local eccentric decides to turn loose his lions, cheetahs and tigers one night before shooting himself the town turns into a media circus and Romney is left alone to quell his sister's fears of being attacked by wild animals.

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Book: All That I Can Fix
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